- Thermal gap filler
- Fiberglass insulator
- Thermal tape
- Thermal grease
- Heat sink silicone sheet
- Silicone sponge
- Heat pressing sheet
- Silicone rubber
- Rubber keypad
- Seal / O-ring / washer
- Silicone roller
- Silicone tube
- PE shrinkable tube
- Silicone conductive tube
- Membrane keyboard
- Graphic Overlay
- Name plate
- Gel Pad
- Silicone placemat

@ The growing demand from customers urged us to step in the OEM business
of manufacturing molded and extruded rubber products suchas silicone rubber keypads, seals, washers, feet, tube, cords, roller, food grade sheet, medical
spare parts, zebra connector.
@To upgrade our competing strength, we strived for developing high thermal
conductive silicone rubber gap pad, paste, tape, fiberglass reinforced silicone
insulator for heat management solution.
@Besides, we also keep on developing compound, silicone with heat transfer printing / pressing silicone sheet / kapton, ultra thin silicone sheet for dust cover and

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