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We are unique

Grow Rich Co., Ltd. with over 20 years of experience has been well known for being a reliable source of silicone rubber products. For many years, our silicone rubber products are marketed not only to Taiwan but also to worldwide through our valued distributors and agents. What we are unique and different from other silicone rubber manufacturers in Taiwan is we well understand the distinguished characteristic and the application of the silicone rubber raw material so as to help customers fast develop new products and improve existing products, also to reduce total cost !

We know how

Grow Rich started as a raw material manufacturer supplying customized silicone compounds to assist customers in achieving new products development. After years of constantly efforts, with professional skill and know-how, we have successfully earned a high reputation in the silicone compound industry. Eventually, the growing demand from customers urged us to build up the OEM business manufacturing molded and extrusion silicone rubber products such as silicone rubber sheets, silicone seals, silicone washers, silicone tubes, silicone insulators and so on.

Later on, more special purpose of silicone rubber products like high temperature resistant silicone sheets for hot stamping and pressing function have been developed and expanded. There are many more as long as you name it !

Thermal Master

To continuously upgrade our competing strength, we have strived for developing higher thermally conductive silicone gap filler and fiberglass reinforced thermally conductive silicone rubber sheet. Besides, we also challenge ultra-thin and high transparent silicone rubber sheet in only 0.1~0.15mm thickness.

Now we focus on manufacturing and developing different types of thermal interface material such as thermally conductive silicone rubber gap pad, ultra-soft silicone thermal pad, thermal tape, thermal cap, thermal clay, thermal adhesive, silicone thermal tube, silicone thermal insulator and thermal phase change material. All products are environment friendly complying with RoHS and REACH !

Always a step ahead

With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Grow Rich constantly endeavor to provide best service and the R & D for diverse industries' requirements. We keep on dedicating more resources and are determined to supply good quality of materials so as to ensure customers have the most competitive advantages in the market. Welcome to send your request now !

Commitment, Integrity, Innovation

If you are looking for a truly trustworthy and passionate business partner who not only can help you develop new products and improve existing products, but also can offer outstanding quality, fast service and competitive price. There is no doubt that Grow Rich is your best choice. Working with Grow Rich, growing rich together !